Netiquette is a cyber word that describes online culture. Cyber words are newly created words with internet meanings. Netiquette rules order interaction. is the largest collection of netiquette rules online. Conventions for effective communication are set on this website in multiple languages.

Read, follow, and share. The Ten Core Rules of Netiquette should be followed in most circumstances, but everything depends on the situation. 

The rules of netiquette are universal because they have been taught around the world. Guidelines have been affirmed socially and in the education of millennials.

Women and minorities are equal to men and majorities in effective communication rights and responsibilities regardless of government law or religious affiliation.
-Persian Royalty David Chiles

Internet Society

Virtual currency is the future. Netiquette rules. Cultural norms or common conventions of communicating are guidelines. It takes two users to create a style following the definition of society.

Two people are required to create a society, group. The concept of marriage comes from creating society within the golden rule. A man and a woman create a child. Friends, witnesses, create a marriage.

Men and women create children creating societies. Friends create rules. Mutual friendship and agreement is how routines and traditions of communication start.

Netiquette Rules

Proper netiquette, internet etiquette, in virtual reality plays a larger role in understanding than reality.

In reality, a person can communicate with another in different ways that are commonly understood.  Words may have little meaning.

On the internet, words often are the sole determinant of a messages meaning. Therefore, following proper netiquette is more important because digital communication lacks a sense of connection that real conversations have.

Please, enter the site to learn proper netiquette. Mind your digital manners because content accessed is up to us in principle, even if it is bad netiquette itself.