Business Netiquette Online Ethics Tips

Business netiquette is the culture of sharing resources. Goods and services are resources. Information is used to share them. The Information Age is where online data is the basis of our lives.

Informatization is the process we are undergoing to take us there. Transaction processing is the catalyst. We started planning to work together in the 1970’s when databases and credit cards were invented.

Netiquette is making it happen. We come together based on the methods of creating content we like. Once we get together ecommerce happens.

Business Definition

Business to consumer, consumer to consumer, and business to business are types. The economic system we use to exchange goods and services for value. In this cyclical transaction process engagement happens to make payment and transfer goods and services.

Engagement is required. This is a social process that we participate in to live and earn a living. Transfers are typically recorded for accounting purposes. A transaction for a good or service where things of value are exchanged.

Trade and barter are concepts within it. Legal tender is the store of value used to facilitate the transaction. So, we live in a transaction based world economy because goods and services are transferred when transactions are recorded in an accounting.

Commercial Netiquette Rules

Business netiquette rules are social code of earning a living. Processing transactions (e-commerce) on the internet is the core activity.

  1. Record all transactions. Make sure you get a receipt or provide one.
  2. Use a professional signature on documents to provide legitimacy to the message.
  3. Ask for clarification if you have any doubt about instructions to avoid to miscommunication.
  4. Refrain from writing in text acronyms because it is informal or unprofessional.
  5. Double space paragraphs to make your writing readable.
  6. Use descriptive headings in communication for context.
  7. Reference your professional reasons when writing. Recipients may need clarification.

Internet For Business

Transactions for goods and services are business. It gets done by making ourselves an integral part of a team collaborating with others. Doing more than expected sells ourselves.

We must make our customers happy. These guidelines are basic conventions for selling ourselves to stakeholders.

This is the social code people follow when earning a living on through the internet. Effective communication for professionals includes a lot. Advertising is a large part of it.

Business Netiquette

Internet sales are driven by social recommendations rather than traditional factors. Customer service is essential. Location is a determinant.

The the conventions of professionalism define the culture. We follow ecommerce norms for a smooth transaction.

The methods of obtaining goods and services with assistance of the internet. Making a living from it. All the rules and regulations we follow and create to work with each other bring us together to get what we need and want.