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All Caps Capital Lock and Key Netiquette

All Caps Capital Lock and Key Netiquette Posted on September 27, 2017Leave a comment

Some people make a text in all caps. This is a method of online harassment when not used for a title. Social media content shall be written for positive engagement.

All caps capital lock and key is writing with upper case letters. It can be a single word written holding down the shift key while typing or pressing the lock. Writing is done in mixed case with some exceptions to the rule.

Intent is everything online. We share our feelings. Sharing in this way is abusive.

All Caps Capital Lock and Key

A common technique of Internet trolls considered shouting. The are some internet examples where it is acceptable.

  1. As the proper title of content.
  2. Writing newsletter headings.
  3. Email may have one word this way in a call to action.

Titles this way catch the attention of readers. Signs in reality are frequently written in all capital letters for this reason. Headings on documents are written this way as well.

Content for social media should not. Social media content shouting is cyber bullying.

Internet etiquette examples of cyberbullying exist as well. An all caps explosion or all caps rage is how it is described. Bullies call attention to victims in a negative way.

Capital Letter To Small

Web pages are documents. Use this style for titles in documents. Outside of documents it is undesirable.

It is shouting because it communicates emphasis with inappropriate connotation. Shouting is not appropriate because it is intimidating. This gets attention for the wrong reasons.

Caps converter capital letter to small. The first letter of the first word in a sentence is generally capitalized. The rest of the sentence is generally lower case.

Internet Etiquette All Caps Ethics Online

Netiquette may be complicated. The practice works for emphasis. Marketing and bullying are more influential when they are bigger than the content. However, it is not appropriate to shout.

Avoid the shouting writing style because it is for headings or other special marketing purposes.

Shouting represents interaction outside of the norm. Similar to an offensive or defensive foul in a sports game. Advertising is an exception.

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