Keywords 101

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Start getting what we want from engagement with Keywords 101. So, do Social Media Optimization (SMO). Also, work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Keywords 101

Given, SMO & SEO work. Then, understanding problem exists. As a result, keywords are a solution, semantics.

Then, bullet points are flying. Consequently, designed for kind keywords. Therefore, a real problem solver.

Students learn:

  • How to identify words that rank.
  • Write text we find, read, and like.

Course Objectives

Effective communication is our objective. Good engagement. Keywords for career advancement.

So, likes, industry recognition, and encouraging words for our friends are how we reach our goals.

Millennial mindset micro-learning on all levels is the process.

  • Memorization – Vocabulary words.
  • Comparing – Popularity of posts.
  • Application – Cool writing.
  • Analytics – Why it’s good.
  • Understanding – Doing right regularly.
  • Objectiveness – Millennial mindset.




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