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The social guidelines of the electronic learning community. Netiquette Rules used study, learn, and teach. Learning is the central goal of these rules. Studying and teaching are required to learn.

Learning Netiquette Rules

Online Education Meaning

Online learning is study. It is instruction for acquiring knowledge. Digital learning takes many forms.

Instruction provides a framework built on previously acquired knowledge. Teachers give instructions. Students acquire knowledge with their guidance.

Knowledge acquired by studying. Formally, in the United States, it consists of twelve numbered grades for primary education.

Online learning is not limited to classes. Anything for a structured class or any acquisition of knowledge is learning.

Learning Netiquette Rules

Education programs online require following the customs of elearning to help students and teachers communicate. The conventions include discussion, questions, and research. Electronics offer many resources.

  1. Be non-violent in engagement. Promote peace. Do not advocate violence.
  2. Follow the rules online.
  3. Argue issues, topics, and subjects. No personal attacks, prejudices, and irrelevant points.
  4. Follow the teacher by staying on topic.
  5. Refrain from sharing personal information.
  6. Balance online learning activity.
  7. Nice students get good grades. Be nice to everyone.
  8. Help others and others will help you.
  9. Understand that data is not real.

eLearning Tools

Watching videos to acquire the skills is online learning. Many people use the internet for learning purposes. Some classes require it.

There are a wide variety of continuing education programs on the internet. Tutorials teach. We learn.

Education Netiquette

Education Netiquette is the culture of elearning. Instruction for acquiring knowledge. Following rules is required.

For example, teachers instruct students to ask questions. Discussion forums are preferred. Others direct students to websites designed for particular types of questions. In general customary practices help us learn.

The social code of electronic learning. These customs are the general guidelines that facilitate the acquisition of internet knowledge.