Internet Troll Flame War

Internet troll flame wars happen frequently. We don’t want problems, but trolls do. Refrain from posting how you truly feel if it is insulting to others.

There are nice ways to share your opinion. Trolls usually do not get the message. Good users do.

Troll flame war text message

Internet Troll Flame War

Most of the time engaging trolls backfires. They may have a planned response to make you look bad. Some networks allow engagement to be altered or deleted. It can be a real trap.

From a technical standpoint responding to flames increases popularity through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Socially, it can be a trap. Personal attacks online can be hard to defend. The positive nature of good people makes no response the right response as a popular convention.

Flames Definition

Flames Definition

An Internet flame is an insult. Flame wars are insulting threads. They denote poor communications skills and reflect on the family, upbringing, of the person using them.

Flames Definition

People who browse the internet looking for others to insult are known as trolls. Trolls post insults and other inflammatory material. Responding to it gives it influence in the community because references raise rankings.

Any resort to conflict, defensive or argumentative statements, insults, violence, or ending communication, can be offensive. Thus cyber bullying. Dialogue or discussion is a reasonable tactic for misunderstanding.

Troll Flame War

Internet Cyber Bullying

Some of us may be tempted to post flames. We can be popular without insulting others. Hurting others is not the answer to our own insecurities. Genuine engagement is better than offensive behavior.

It is proper netiquette to avoid inflammatory content, flames. We must refrain from intentionally offending each other.

Public relations techniques and tactics can be used to deal with negative media. They may be used for various reasons. One thing using them does is brings you to the same level as the insulting entity. It uses the media for self promotion.