No Hate Speech Online

No hate speech online is a rule against cyberbullying. Equality is a principle of netiquette that comes from the golden rule. Intense negative communication is hate.

Dealing with it is a matter of social media internet etiquette. Minimizing it is socially effective. Regulation is up to the network. Reporting works.

Popular culture is against hateful interaction. A minority of people believe free speech gives them license to hurt others. A movement exists to eliminate intense anger online.

No Hate Speech Online

Hate speech is wrong because it is intentionally hurtful. Rioters, in a Charlottesville West Virginia riot, were fired from jobs for hate speech online. Netiquette rules.

Pictures and video appeared on the internet. Stories about it are common. The previous incident sparked backlash against Donald Trump. The trend against cyber bullying focuses on Trump.

Social justice is coming from telling. Top ranking articles from popular online magazines are exposing bullying and hate culture. The mainstream media is doing stories on it.

No Hate Zone

Hate is an intense anger toward someone or something. It is often based on prejudice. Prejudice is an opinion that is not based on actual experience. It is proper Netiquette to engage without hate. Don’t hate.

Intense dislike is not proper in Social Media. These feelings are extreme and unreasonable. Intensity denotes something that is more than normal.

Prejudice is unreasonable because it is not based on actual experience. Hate is negative in terms of network etiquette. It subtracts from the value of an engagement, which is bad.

Hate Free Netiquette

Hate no one. We have to catch ourselves from being hateful before it happens. No hate speech online works well with the first rule of the internet, review.

It is good netiquette to examine our own content for various reasons. There are many reasons we check the profiles of associates without saying anything.

No hate hashtags. No hate images. Use your best social media strategies. Engage others without hate because it is extreme and unreasonable.

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