Review and Preview, Spell Check and Proofread


Review and preview spell check and proofread refers to the netiquette process of looking for errors in a message. Make sure everything is correct before sending it. Do an online check.


Review and Preview Spell Check and Proofread

Software that automatically checks for us is the most common online check. To proofread includes spell check and grammar. Video and voice may require rehearsal.

Ethical and legal considerations are part of the process. Professional email is often forwarded many times. Digital communication about illegal activity may raise flags in filters.

Text is the fastest method because data is small. It transfers and downloads quickly. As a result, it is error prone. The auto complete feature is known to make mistakes.

Review and Preview, Spell Check and Proofread

Rule 1 of The Internet Netiquette Rules

Rule 1 of the internet is to check messages for personal approval before transmission.

Netiquette Rules

Spelling and grammar create understanding. Voice and video need appropriate vocabulary. They are more or less formal with planning or rehearsal. A misspelled word is the wrong word similar to unfamiliar vocabulary.

Looking at or thinking about what to write or say and making appropriate changes is the minimum standard. There are greater lengths people often go to.

It is an appropriate technique to have another person read a message before sending it. Reading a message aloud is another way some people go over communication before it is transmitted.

Best Online Proofreader

Best Online Proofreader

Traditional methods, online tools, and software features used in common ways are proper Netiquette for being the best online proofreader.

Review messages because errors make communication hard to understand.

Activate browser software for the online check.  Read emails twice. Word processing programs can be used. Then copy and paste the text into the browser for transmission.

Important messages are checked several times. Rereading messages aloud is common for important communication. Professional is considered important.