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Share Netiquette For Content Creation

Share Netiquette For Content Creation Posted on October 23, 2017Leave a comment

Share, a social media engagement. Netiquette rules for content and social media start with sharing. It is proper Netiquette to share genuine content with contacts. Do share good information.

The value of information is determined by contacts. We can choose what we view, like and share. There are many dynamics to the whole process.

The process depends on engagement. Content is King. Optimization helps it rise.

Share Netiquette For Content Creation

Most popular social networking sites allow us to post, text, pictures, audio, and video in various digital formats. The expressions contained are shared with contacts by posts.

A contact is a friend. There are variations of the friend status. Fan and follower for example.

We are users who generate content for contacts. User Generated Content is social media. We interact by connecting. Our connections are valued by the information we send and receive.

Social Media A Sharing Industry

The industry is created by contacts connecting with content. It has to come from somewhere. Content creators make great content. Then we make it over again with comments.

Sharing genuine content with Friends, Fans, and Followers is considered respectful. Genuine content is personal content curated for contacts.

Knowing your online contacts allows you to share content you know they will like. Sharing with interested contacts shows you care about their interests too. It aligns your interests with your friends to benefit the relationship. It shows you’re thinking of them.

Share Netiquette

Post network etiquette is the set of social media posting guidelines we follow. A parameter of the relations we are starting with viewers. This is the rule.

Share genuine content with contacts because it shows you care about the relationship.

There is are some things to consider. We can withhold how we genuinely feel with contacts. Sometimes our opinions may hurt others feelings. In that case, we have to be careful about how we express ourselves.

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