David P. Chiles Communications Feature


David P. Chiles Communications website with a get quote button. Also, a call option. So, people interested in a WordPress business site can get a quote for a domain, hosting, installation, and content creation in one place. Small to medium sized businesses without an online presence.

A direct contact method with general information about David Chiles as a solopreneur. For a company that needs an expert to create an informational website for phones and desktops that includes contact information. Go to the website. Click one of the contact buttons. Leave appropriate information for follow up.

David P. Chiles Communications

David is a solopreneur. Call it David P. Chiles Communications. Web publishing Seattle, WA publisher. There is a Fiver offer for a business WordPress site. Includes Netiquette Web Hosting.

Basically, a flat fee of $500.00. Gets it up and running with a few revisions here and there. A little less for the bare minimum.

Also, an Upwork profile. That way you can contract with Chiles directly on an hourly basis. Freelancing web communications. So, content creation, writing, blogging, and images can be added to the mix.

In addition, WordPress Blogger in his own right. Plus, Ebook author. Currently, book is available here, in the itunes App Store, Barnes & Noble, and Scribd.